Further markets: how to approach export business in nowadays?

DateDecember 14, 2020 at 10.00 r
January 7, 2021 at 19.00 or
January 11, 2021 at 15.00.
Duration 2 hours
For International business developers, export managers
FromRusBiz Team (export Russia)
White Caviar (export China)
Businessmarkers (general export strategy)

Target: local networking for the companies with export strategy and learning how to stimulate international business in 2021.

Price: €100 standard price. Free of charge by organization through municipal administration and non-profit organizations.

Language: Dutch (in Belgium, Netherlands) or English

Federal government and the municipal institutions are mainly focused on supporting of the local businesses while turnover of the many enterprises comes from business abroad. All markets are affected with COVID situation and international business depends on many external factors. Also, business trips are forbidden, so many operational processes are stucked and strategic negotiations (forecast, adjusted marketing 2021) are inefficient.

The most companies are freezing in crisis times and a few pro-active companies take the market shares.

Let’s take a look if your adjusted export strategy is correct! We offer online session, where internationally active companies learn to structure their export approach on the further markets. The flow of webinar will be adjusted to the sector activities of the participants.

If someone is hungry, don’t feed him, give him a fish-rod.

Introduction of deputy of the local economy

In case if the municipality takes a part in organization 10 min.

How to adjust your export strategy and develop business now?

30 min: Q&A

Lead generation and customer development in/after the crisis

30 min: Q&A

Export opportunities due to CORONA in Russia and China in some sectors

30 min: Q&A

20 min: Q&A to all participants

Via the chat and interactive app 20 min.

*We can slightly adjust the plan or the topics depending on the type and sectors of our participants in order to make webinar more practical and efficient.