10 tips how to safe time in Moscow

The area of of Moscow is 80 times larger than in Brussels,  it’s similar to areas of Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam combined. It takes more than 1 hour (traffic-less moment) to move from one part of the city to the other. Moscow is also 11th densely populated city in the world (most populated in Europe).

Good preparation of your business route in Moscow will not only spare your time but also safe your courage to close the deals.  The main idea: try to avoid traffic, waiting lines and the crowd.

1/     There are 3-5 daily flights from Belgium to Moscow and back: best, if you choose the traffic-less time of your arrivals and departures.

2/     Boarding time often starts later than it’s written on the boarding pas. Stay in your chair until the most passengers are proceeded into aircraft. So you will spare at least 15 min instead of staying in waiting line.

3/     The most traffic in the morning goes inside of the city and in direction to the city center. Directions outside the city-ring in the morning are much traffic-less.

4/     Arrange your meetings logically: 1 day – 1 geographic area of the city. So, you can spread ypu 3-days trip in West, East and North of Moscow. You can set up your plan via Google.Map.

5/     Make first appointments in easy-to-access-locations in the morning time. It can be the closest location to your hotel, or the closest office to the metro station. Public transport can be a great solution – just to find direct transfer access.

6/     In the city is very good connection by metro and railway (if your customers have the offices in the city center). Staff at reception desk can help you to find the right transport.

7/     Wholesalers and producers are keep the offices at the city-ring or outside of the city. The taxi will be the optimal solution.

8/     Taxi is very popular and quite cheap in the city. Choose comfort or premium tariff of city taxi, the price wont be much more expensive. You will receive correct driver in a appropriate car in couple of minutes. Most probably he won’t speak English but he will drive correct and safe. If taxi offers you to drive via toll-way (on the city-ring of Moscow)– agree with him. It will cost 10 euro more but will safe a lot of your time.

9/     Chose the hotel nearby the metro station (where are mostly shops, internet-provides, etc). Personally I prefer to stay in Holiday Inn Suschevskiy or Marriott Smolenskaya. For me it’s the best places to stay flexible at any moment and any direction.

10/     If you go to exhibition: don’t look for the closest hotel (it will be anyway too far by feet), but hotel with (free) shuttles to the expo-center.

(c) Olga Steppe