Russian business woman

40% of senior business roles in Russia are occupied by women. This is the highest  percentage in the world.

Proportion of women in leadership roles


The global average percentage of women running business is 22%. East European countries contain the highest percentage of businesses held by women: Russian women in 40% of cases, Georgian women in 38%, Polish women 37%, and women from Baltic states on average 35%.

  • 50% of  new small enterprices in Russia are established by women. Most of all it’s the service sector like media, pharmacy, medical clinics, HR, accounting, cafes, bakeries, consulting etc
  • The main triggers of this fast growing trend are the changing societal norms,  historical, cultural and demographic factors
  • Russian women willing more to take the chances while there is no social pressure to be successful. Men in Russia are still considered as generator of the income in the family.
  • An average Russian women has a high level of education and the strong social skills while employment opportunities for such qualifications are limited.
  • Russian woman is paid on average 30% less than men, gender income gap is huge
  • Russia also has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, mostly due to the choice – love or find a livelihood and care for children.
  • Russia has 120 women for each 100 men
  • Russian workplaces are generally free from sexism.
  • Russian women online shoppers outnumber men 10 to 1.

Business etiquette is extremely important while dealing business with Russian woman. 

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