Speaker for export related events

TopicsBusiness expansion,
export strategy
Duration30 minutes –
2 hours
PlaceOnline, Offline
LanguageRussian, Dutch, English

Target group: International business developers, export managers

Price: €100 per hour excl. VAT.

My expertise is business development in the distant and turbulent markets (Russian-speaking countries, Baltic states, and Balkans). Often European producers take foreign markets not strategical but opportunistic. I believe that internationally active companies must pay more attention and invest more time in education of international business.

Annually I provide around 30 seminars about international business topics, I also give training to the Russian (East European) sales teams (Customers of European suppliers). The average amount of participants contains 50 people (from 20 or 120 people). Sometimes I’m also invited to speak for the students at the Universities of Russia.

Based on my strong theoretical background and practical knowledge I would be pleased to provide educative sessions and training to internationally active managers and students of international faculties.

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About International business

  • Effective export plan on 1 page
  • 8 methods to identify your target market
  • Success elements for sales growth
  • Price policy and price negotiation
  • Promotions vs discounts
  • How to find distributors abroad?
  • How to select the right distributor?
  • Sales channels management and exclusivity
  • How to become the priority supplier for a distributor?
  • How to evaluate and stimulate your international business partners
  • Time management on a business trip
  • 8 rules for your business lunch
  • Does and Don’ts in the commercial offer

About export to Russia / Eastern Europe

  • Why Russia matters?
  • Opening Doors for Russian Business: How to sell to Russia
  • 4 tips for expanding to the Russian market
  • Business mentality and cultural differences in business: Russia vs. Europe
  • Main trends in FCMG, Retail, Horeca, Processing industry. DIY. Textile. Construction
  • 4 questions (and answers) to help you understand Russian business
  • What should you know about export via the Russian internet?
  • Time pressure: How do Russians cope with deadlines?
  • How to make a ‘first date’ with your Russian partner successful
  • Export to Russia: These documents are needed
  • 5 marketing tips to expand your business to Russia and succeed
  • Your competitive advantage in Russia

Contact me:

Speaker on VOKA session in Ghent: ‘Beyond Borders Rusland’ about sales, may 2021

My video tips for successful webinars (efficient COVID adjusted negotiations)

Organizer of webinar: ‘How to approach export business in nowadays?’