Start doing business with Russia

80% of internationally active companies start business expansion not strategic but opportunistic, for example with the first distributor that they meet during the trade fair. On the one side European company misses the right knowledge and market feeling of this huge country, on the other side it’s not financially reasonable to take on board a Russian speaking employee.

Our daily job:

  • Participations on Russian trade fairs
  • Seminars/ and industry events
  • Training and coaching the staff
  • Marketing campaigns, direct marketing
  • Press campaigns
  • Roadshows
  • Focus on prospection work
  • Identify customers’ problems and concerns
  • Follow up business prospects
  • Online / offline communication
  • Development of regional co-operations
  • Detect and define the scope of projects
  • Translation of all documentation
  • Certification
  • Market/ competitors research
  • Focus on after the sale
  • Payments, orders, contracts
  • Mediation between company employees

Contact us instead of waiting for business opportunities and losing years of business in Russia. We are looking for Russian buyers for European products, make analysis and choose the most efficient strategic approach in entering the market. On our way to each successful business realization, we also involve Russian logistics, certification companies, engineers and other supporting bodies. Depending on your business type we will:

  • act as an agent of representative of your company. We represent and promote your company in Russia, sell direct and through dealers in different Russian regions. This is a cheaper version of company employee or
  • select a few local distributors, a few Russian strong worthful partners, who share your company values and interested in your product; after while you will work with them directly without our further participation.

Import volumes from Europe to Russia

  • 87% of food processing equipment
  • 83% of textile
  • 70% of press-forging equipment 
  • 60% (av) building materials
  • 30% of flexible package

How many enterprises are in Russia?

  • 814.870 retail shops
  • 278.059 construction firms
  • 176.500 horeca/ catering
  • 20.110 furniture producers
  • 13.560 clothes producers
  • 800 DIY retail chains 
  • 200 chain restaurants in Russia

For example, for children-items is optimal to look for importing distributors from different price segments, product portfolios and regions. For exporters of various equipment, we rather look for direct contact with manufacturers.

If you start export export sporadically

  • No market knowledge while choosing business partners
  • Very limited accessibility to your Russian potential customers
  • Distributor takes till 50% for his profit
  • Your sales volume is limited by limitation of your business partner
  • No control and no clear vision on development of your brand

If you start export through RusBiz Team

  • We build up sales channel strategically, if needed involve dealers
  • Full focus on representation and development of your brand
  • Direct sales with fee/ commission make the end price more competitive
  • Your sales volume is only limited by market, we grow if you grow
  • You have access to data for control business processes

We bring your products into customers’ hands

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