Business support in Russia

I. Administrative follow up

Here is solution if you are European international business developer and prefer to manage your business processes and projects realizations yourself. At the same time Russian business is too specific and you often need support from the local people, like communication in Russian, understanding of Russian regulations, different activities in regions etc. This support is especially interesting if your company creates tailor made tech-products or the mass products with the high level of rotation and wide sales channel. You will perform beter if you can outsource to us the following daily tasks:

1. Sales

Prospecting, preparing promo-actions, events, documents for the tenders, payment control, stock planning, order/ projects follow-up.

2. Extenal communication

Daily on-line and off-line customer- and prospects communication, market monitoring, handling complaints, solving daily issues.

3. Internal communication

Mediation between departments of European office (logistic-, product-, administration) and Russian customers/ prospects.

4. Translation

Translation of correspondence, marketing materials, documents, talk during the meetings.

5. Trainings and education

Provide online and offline trainings to Russian customers and stimulate Russian sales teams

6. Other secretary tasks

Arrangement of meetings, planning the business trips, meetings assistance, update data base.

RusBiz Team exists to develop powerful partnership with clients that improves performance in Russian speaking area.

You manage your business and realize strategy while we take over the role of Russian account manger and administrative clerk.

You earn

  • You grow as business developer, not account manager
  • You invest time on realizing strategy, not daily routine
  • You gain time and keep beter focus on other markets
  • You realize beter forecast

You safe

  • Business processes go 6x faster though Russians
  • No employee costs (recruitment, trial period, holiday)
  • No expenses related to the workspace at your office
  • Stable performance, related payment

II. Short term tasks

We use the service of different Russian companies while realizing our sales plans. We can take on board one of your tasks and help you at the specific moment. Here is the list of non-commercial, but crucial tasks which we constantly realize. Biz Team provides business support to the companies in deadline and peak period (eg, prospecting, trade fair, negotiation, administrative issues…).

Participation on tenders

Searching, registration, administrational follow up of related Russian tenders.

1 month = €500

Sell on online platforms

Registration of products, content description, marketing actions, stock. managing.

Price depends on the assortment

Export plan

Market situation, competitive analysis, prospect list, work out export plan

1 sector = est. 2.000

Subsidies and bank loan

Create a business plan with timeline, P&L estimations for request of subsidies or bank loan.

Price depends on the task

Russian trade fairs

Registration, booth installation, making appointments, follow up after the trade fair.

1 hour = €50

Organization of event

Product education, customer conference, forum, seminars in different Russian regions.

1 hour = €50


Negotiation in Russia or Europe, at the office, trade fair, trade missions or online meetings.

1 hour = €80


Translation of commercial and technical documentation like leaflets, website, product fiches.

1 page A4 (ca 300 words) = €40

Customer inspection

Evaluation of customer activities, as marketing, stock situation, sales process, product knowledge.

1 hour = €70


Phone calling during the prospecting, researches, promo-actions, follow up after the events.

1 hour = €70

Your business screening

Analyzing of your brand/ product representation and popularity in Russian online and offline.

1 hour = €80

Product certification

Make permissions, conformity certificates an declarations for your products.

Price depends on the product

Artwork, typography

Creation of your marketing communication in Russia and printing POS materials.

Price depends on the task

Travel agency, transfers

Full set of travel, transfer and courier services for your business trip and time being in Russia

Price depends on the task

Warehouse, show room

Set up the juridical identity, storage place and presentation rooms of your company

Price depends on the task

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