Steppe Olga, owner RusBiz Team

RusBiz Team with headquarters in Antwerp (Belgium) develops businesses of European companies in Russia and in other Russian speaking countries. I live in Belgium and collaborate with our European suppliers – manufacturers and service providers. I have a wide network of Russian people, they are specialists in different domains and they support me with sales activities and administrative follow-up. Thanks to this combination I can guarantee cost and time-efficient long-term business development of European companies in Russia.

We are your bridge to the Russian market and your business hub in Russia!

Main sectors: equipment, construction, FMCG, DIY, PPE, textile, interior etc.
We sell to Russian distributors, manufacturers, retail chains.
We work for: European producers


I’m the owner and company representative from Belgium. Here I meet European companies, carry all responsibility for your business success in Russia and ensure smooth and transparent communication.


My colleagues, specialists in different domains operate activities straight from Russia. Our local presence allows us to stay in permanent touch with local customers, prospects and solve issues right on the spot.

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What is your situation?

Are you about to start doing business with Russia?

We bring your products into customers’ hands. 80% of internationally active companies start business expansion not strategic but opportunistic. On the one side European company misses right knowledge and market feeling of this huge country, on the other side it’s not financially reasonable to take on board Russian speaking employee

Do you already export to Russia but still unsatisfied?

If your business in Russia business is stuck! After a few years of exporting to Russia turnover’s curve stagnated, sales volume aren’t so promising anymore and many business processes stay unclear. Then European exporter needs to research what’s the problem and get advice on how to optimize the current business model and make more business.

Do you need Russian administration and short-term support?

Administrative follow up and short term tasks. Here is the solution if you prefer to manage your business processes but you often need support from the local people. You can outsource us the short- and long term tasks like communication in Russian, understanding of regulations and other administrative and bureaucratic activities.

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Colleagues in Russia

  • Dmitry Boudianov. Managing and projects maintaining.
  • Vasilisa Deiun. Customer relation
  • Konstantin Moroz. Control and mediating with contractors
  • Victoria Soubbotina. Marketing and follow up
  • Egor Volyk. Marketing and promotion.

Last Russian customers

  • Leroy merlin Vostok
  • Acelor metal Kazakhstan
  • Sarens Russia
  • X5 retail group
  • Lenta retail chain
  • DKV confectionary producer
  • Airport Vnukovo
  • Komus, office supply chain
  • Volkswagen Russia
  • OMA, DIY chain Belorussia
  • Sodexo Russia
  • Norilsk Nickel

Me, Olga Steppe

  • Trade Fair
  • Product training, Yekaterinburg
  • Kazakstan
  • Product presentation, Moscow
  • Prospection, Siberia