Heating radiators

The segment of radiators was still very depended on import in 2016. Import volume was 60% till 2015 but reduced during the last year due to weakening of the Russian currency. The production volume in Russia is going to grow by 10% in coming years.


The most imported brands of radiators in 2016

Key Findings

  • The consumption volume of radiators in Russia in 2016 was was about 3 500 000 million pieces
  • Aluminum radiators are the most popular (45% of the total buying volume), bimetallic radiators – 19%, iron radiators – 12%, copper radiators – 4.3%
  • Producer Sira Industrie is planning to open the factory in Perm (midden Russia) in the coming years.


  • The import volume of radiators to Russia is about 60%
  • The biggest part import  of this product comes from Italy and Germany. Other importing countries are: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain.
  • The most known foreign brands are: Fondital, Global (Italy), Kermi (Germany), Purmo (Finland). Those companies take about 1/4 of the market share of all imported radiators
  • The import volume of radiators from China is growing
  • The import volume of the bimetallic radiators in 2016 felt almost by -55%.
  • Import volume of aluminum Italian radiators decreased by -60% in 2016, bimetallic radiators from Italy by -22%
  • Main reasons of reduces import volume: weakening of the Russian currency (=rising price of European products), slowdown of the construction sector, re-view of the definitions in the system of HS codes.


  • Main sales channels of radiators in Russia are trading companies, DIY shops, supermarkets with various assortment and online shops
  • “Aquatherm” in Moscow is  the main Russian exhibition in this sector