Olericulture in greenhouses became one of the most attractive and developing sectors in Russia after embargo in 2015. The total area of greenhouses in the country reached about 2.3 thousand hectares in 2016, and it’s planned to build ca 2.000 ha of greenhouses till 2020.

Key Findings

  • The total area of greenhouses in Russia amounts 2.300 hectares.
  • Over the last 5 years were built about 600 ha of greenhouses. Only in 2016 were realized 16 build projects of  166 ha with total investment of 540.300.000 euro (this is 40% less than expected).
  • The most attractive regions for development of greenhouse farm are the Krasnodar / Volga, Central, Southern and North-Caucasian regions

  • The largest region in this sector is Krasnodar region. There are more than 210 hectares of industrial greenhouses (incl 194 hectares of vegetable greenhouses).
  • It’s necessary to build ca 2.000 ha of greenhouses in Russia to fulfill the country’s needs in the hothouse’s products. Russian government expects to do this until 2020


  • At the moment there are 15 new major investment projects for 2017. The real expectations  are to build 130-150 ha of new greenhouses in 2017.
  • The largest building projects for the next 5 year are planned in  Central Federal District (39% of the total build volume) and South of Russia/Krasnodar region (25%).
  • The biggest food retail chain ‘Magnit’ plans to build 147,2 ha of greenhouses in Krasnodar region in 2017-2018.
  • The most visible brands of European Greenhouses are Venlo, Protevi, Agrow Tec, Hortilife, Clever Kunde, J.Huete, LVG Germany, Danish Greenhouse Supply etc.