Gardening in Russia

More than 50% of Russians have own country house (dacha); gardening remains one of the most common hobbies in Russia. This place is used for the cultivation of garden crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, pumpkins …), unlike European culture.

Key findings

  • The volume of the Russian gardening market is approximately $ 4.3bln (it’s 2% of the world market volume)
  • Increase of the seasonal demand (summer time) is 10-15%
  • Demand for horticultural items and popularity of gardening stays even during the economic fluctuations (to save money). Another factor of growing demand is the limitation of the longest trips in favor of the holiday in own country house.
  • Modern retail (chains) is a slow developing trend in Russia
  • The market of horticulture in Russia is strongly fragmented. There are a very few shops in Russia that meet European standards. They are mostly located in Moscow region, St. Petersburg and South part of Russia (Tula, Saratov, Krasnodar, Samara etc)
  • There is no leading retail chain or market player. This is also impossible due to geography and climate of Russia. Russians buy the products for gardening in various specialized shops, hypermarkets, DIY shops, nursery-gardens, online stores, open markets
  • The situation in large cities is different: 40% of sale volumes are in DIY-chains (like OBI, Leroy Merlin, Castorama) and grocery hypermarkets like Auchan.
  • Main importing countries in Gardening sector are China, Poland, Germany, Holland and other European countries
  • Experts expect the future market development according to the American model: presence of gardening products in DIY stores, not in specialized garden shops.

Sources: RosStat, Rosproizvoditel, Rostcom, drgroup