Flexible package

Russian market of the flexible package materials is grows. This market grew even in 2015 with 10%, the period of the deepest recession during the former crisis.

Key findings

  • The basic types of the films (BOPP and PP) are produced in Russia but the products with more complicated structures are imported.
  • Total import volume of the package films takes about 35 thousand tons of the total market volume is 440 thousand tons but in reality import takes till 30% of the market volume
  • The total market volume is about 2 000 000 000 euro in currency terms.
  • About 40 Russian companies import the film, and 15 of them create the essential import volume (Mars, Nestle, Purina, Sudpack, Wipack, Lietpack, Sealed Air, FritoLay Manufacturing etc.)


Package material is a growing market. Demand is higher than the supply due to the following reasons:

  • growing production volume of food and non-food items in Russia due to the sanctions and the new country-policy “Import substitution”
  • fast development of Private label production in Retail sector
  • changing consumption behavior (buying prepared or deepfreeze food)

Sources:  Packaging International, Russian customs, Restko, Intesco Group