Confessionary market

Confessionary market is one of the most traditional and classic segments in Russia. Nevertheless, there is the growing demand for new tastes and forms, thanks to big supply and marketing actions of foreign producers.

Key Findings

  • There is no official statistics yet for 2016 but the experts note the market decrease with 5%.
  • Cookies and biscuits are the 2nd popular cathergory after chocolate. In Kazakhstan and Belorussia it is sugar confectionery.
  • Belgian products like speculoos and waffles have growing popularity but still quite limited offer..
  • The biggest retail chains keep the imported cookies and biscuits in the assortment, like Auchan ~8%, Dixy ~7%.


  • The biggest importing countries in 2015 were Germany (12%), Italy, Poland, China. Ukraine took the 2nd place in the list of importing countries till 2014.
  • The products in premium segment are mostly imported. Import volume of cookies and biscuits took 7-8% of the total market volume and was 71 K ton or $173 KK (jan-sept 2016). Import from Belgium was about 3 K ton or $11 KK.


  • Most foreign companies penetrate the market through the local dealer(s). The big international confessionary producers have braches and manufactures in Russia (Mars, Nestle..)
  • The main exhibitions in this sector are Productexpo and Worldfood in Moscow.