Chocolate trends

Russia stays the 4th  biggest chocolate consumer in the world. Consumption of chocolate in Russia (5.3 kg per person annually) is getting close to European consumption (~8 kg).


Key Findings

  • Chocolate is the fastest growing category in value terms
  • 58% of Russians buy chocolate daily. 21% of Russians buy chocolate weekly.
  • Sugar confectionery category has the highest private label penetration in the Russian confectionery market
  • Decrease of local production volume (2015): – 5% (in total 716,8 K ton). Dependency from the EU suppliers of raw-stuff, therefore the price of local producers grows (eg, the price increase of cacao pasta: +85%).
  • Cheaper segment suffered the most (products get cheaper while the imported raw materials are getting more expensive).


  • Total import volume of chocolate was 183K ton. Total import from Belgium: 5K ton (2014)
  • Main European importing countries (2015): Germany (21,6%), Poland (15%) Italy (7,7%, Ferrero).
  • Increase of import volume from Europe (May 2016): + 29,2% till 3,1K ton (as the import restrictions from Ukraine).
  • Retail stores: Azbuka Vkusa: 50% of EU sweets in assortment, Auchan : 7%-12%,

Retail FCMG sales volume per region

  • 35% Central (Moscow)
  • Volga (Samara, Tatarstan): 18%
  • North West (St Petersburg): 10%
  • Ural (Yekaterinburg): 10%