Apparel and footwear

Specific mentality, climatic conditions and low capacity of domestic production Russian make the market of apparel and footwear  very attractive for the foreign producers and investors. Growing import volume regardless of the last economical and political issues.

Key Findings

  • Russians spend on clothes and shoes about 10% of the total household expenditure.
  • Russia still has the rapid development of fashion industry while the infrastructure remains underdeveloped.
  • Huge interest and demand on European products
  • There is still growing fragmentation process in apparel and footwear market
  • Russian producers meet some significant problems: low investment capacity, big price/quality competition from abroad, typical issues of the not structured market
  • E-commerce of textile products is the one of the fastest growing segments


  • Russian light industry is highly dependent on import. The share of the local market is only 17%
  • The Russian garment factories buy 70-80% of raw materials, components and parts abroad
  • There is a big part of import from Asia, also gray.
  • Increased import volume of some items in 2016:

– footwear * 1,7 times
– chemical threads + 31.2%
– apparel + 27.8%
– cotton + 24.4%
– knitwear +11%
– knitted cloth + 8.7%
– chemical fibers +8.2%.

  • Textile and footwear (HS codes 50-67) take 6th place in the whole export volume of goods from Belgium to Russia