Shopping malls

In Russia are 2639 malls in 309 cities with a total sales area of ​​40.9 million square meters

 2426 malls are open in the country, 104 malls are under construction and 99 malls are projected. The remaining projects are frozen or closed. 

 Moscow and the Moscow region occupy the leading positions in the number of open and projected shopping centers.  The total population of Moscow region amounts 18.3 million people (12.5% of the total Russian Federation population) account for 15% of the open shopping centers, 16% of the molls under construction and 55% of the projected shopping centers.  

This statistic displays the number of retail chains by sector in Russia in the year 2018. Fashion and clothing was the leading sector, with 59 chains out of the total of 223, followed by footwear and leather and food, each with 29 retail chains. Home ware ranked fourth, standing at 20 chains, whereas there were no retail chains registered for car parts and accessories in Russia in 2017.Numver of chains Russia per sector statista com