Online Business in Russia

Catch the business opportunity and grow your business with the escalating stream of the Russian online development.

Russia has been catching up rapidly over the past few years. Online shopping has already become a rather common method of consuming for active.

online russia
  • Russia ranks sixth among in the world in terms of online population, ahead of Germany, the U.K. and France.
  • The most attractive market for online retail sales
  • 60 000 000 Internet users in Russia
  • 11 000 000 000 euro: online-purchases in 2015
  • 30 000 000 online shoppers
  • + 25% is the grow of online transactions each year
  • + 31% is annual grow of Online Shops
  • One of the highest potential for online sales growth in the world
  • Prices of Online advancement are cost efficient for European companies
KupiVip, Russia’s leading fashion flash sales site, has reported a 50% growth rate in 2015The fastest-growing categories: sport, children, pet goods, leisure items, clothing and footwear, groceriesForeign retailers’ online sales of physical goods to Russia have grown considerably over the past few years.