How to promote and sell online in Russia?

About Russian online business: digital marketing, how can you promote and sell via online in Russia by sitting in your European office? For example, an online search for Russian manufacturers is one of the 3 most popular ways to find European equipment.

How you can use Russian online sources for each stage of the Customer Journey. After many geopolitical and economical fluctuations Russian distributors prefer to import European products of European producer works on the brand development of his own product in Russia. Also European companies already use the service of Russian PR-agencies and work on online development in Russia.

European companies need to make some preparations of they have ambition to sell online in Russia. E-commerce in Russia is popular and growing trend but has some specific elements. You can work through PR agency or through the certain companies who will take care about assortment line and bring your product and assortment on this platform and your distributor, for example, will ship it in different parts of Russia. This video is for the companies, who begin to realize their digital marketing policy.

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