Russian conformity certificates during COVID

Important notice for the European companies who need Russian confirmity certificate.COVID – is the momet to make them easier and faster.

Quote from Igor Pigaev from Sercons Certification group. January 2021:

‘About this situation due to Coronavirus: there are several new decrees from the Russian government that make advantages for European companies.

Now we (Russian certification expert) don’t have to visit the production site physically; we simply can do it online. So, we organize the conference by skype or any other online tool and control the manufacture. This is easier, faster and cheaper because the producer doesn’t have to pay for the travel costs of Russian expert. Usually, this audit takes 20-30 minutes. It’s a really big advantage’.

To remind:

Audit: Russian expert visits the production site of European manufacturers in order to check if the factory and production process conform to Russian regulations and standards.

Normally this is the obliged procedure by obtaining of the most Russian conformity certificates and is paid by the applicant of those certificates.

More information will be posted in video-interview on the channel Answers if you do business in Russia