Business optimization and further development

After a few years of exporting to Russia turnover’s curve stagnates, sales volume aren’t so promising anymore and many business processes stay unclear. This is the moment when European exporter needs to research what’s the problem and get advice how to optimize the current business model and make more business (video explanation is coming soon).

Optimization of your export business can increase your business volume, bring transparency in business processes and give understanding of market situation:

  1. Increase profits: optimization in marketing mix (price, promotion and place) will raise revenues and cut per-unit cost.
  2. Brand building: Making products available in more locations will raise consumer awareness.

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The second critical point, when the sales volume in Russia are high enough but business development is blocking by different bureaucratic barriers and long delivery procedure from Europe. Mostly companies research situation again, then open branch/ daughter company in Russia and launch production lines in Russia. This intermediate evaluation and optimizations are crucial for export oriented companies.

We are fully engaged in Russian business and will check from inside how your business in going, observe the activities of different market players, analyze opportunities and work on improvement of your business model. The most crucial stay: clear business strategy, local focus and good control.

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