Meeting with Russian prospects in 2021

Service “Meeting with Russian prospects” is a greatest substitute to your prospection job, business trips and participation on the Russian trade fairs!

Olga Steppe, Belgium, Russian export expert
My service: To come in touch with your Russian potential customers and to arrange for your company online meeting for further negotiation.
You receive: Negotiation with Russian interested potential customers. Online, Spring, 2021.
Price: €250 excl. BTW for each prospect. Translation of documents and talk service (if needed): €80 per hour.

Prospection job, trade fairs and business trips are curial business development abroad and this is still insurmountable in 2021. In meanwhile many sectors in Russia: Light, heavy, processing industries, agriculture, premium FCMG products, many segments of DIY and construction etc. develop fast even in COVID times. The most of those sectors are import dependent on European materials.

This is your step to localization of business in Russia! Not possible to travel? No market knowledge? I will bring you Russian potential customers on NO CURE – NO PAY basis.

Each international prospect cost on average €620, incl. time and salary of export-manager for prospection, translation, business trips etc. Even after such effort companies often don’t have own feet on the ground and clear vision on Russian business partners and development strategy in foreign country.

I will bring you in touch with checked Russian companies (distributors, manufacturers) who are interested in purchase of your products in a short or middle term, and this is for €250 for each prospect.

Before we start, let’s make a meeting to speak about your situation, details, conditions and set up the plan for the further actions.

What are the real costs to find an international potential customer?

Let’s calculate, how much European company pays to find international prospect. There is no standard flat rate or easy answer but there are key elements to determining the cost and time of export employee for prospection job. Off course I compare this with my Matchmaking proposal. Here is a guideline to keep in mind:

My prospection and organization of online meetings with your Russian potential companies will be not only cheaper and more efficient, due to my market knowledge, but also will safe you much time for other tasks and export markets! Here is the calculation of your costs without BTW for the same job:

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