We provide you service from the small tasks to the complete package. You can simply turn up and do business.

Exhibiting is the most cost effective way of getting your products and services in front of customers. But exhibitions also demand quite an investment of your time and money, so make sure you’re well prepared.

 RusBiz Team helps you get the best out of exhibiting in Eastern Europe on each of 4P steps:

1.       Preparation

  • Selection of the right exhibition

Our team provides research and, depending on your product and targets advises you the most relevant and exhibitions.

Annual number of exhibitions in Russia amounts 1 384 and the total amount of visitors is 1.500.000 people. Circa 55% of those exhibitions take place in Moscow and St Petersburg. Many important industrial and commercial exhibitions are organized in regions.
Think also about 13 Russian cities with population of more than 1 billion people and industrial regions.
Example of “Medical exhibitions overview”:
  •  Design, construction, equipment of stand

The stand needs to make an impression, as you only have a few seconds to attract passers by. Even if it is a small booth. Our Russian partners have a good knowledge in designing and decoration of stands. Their references are the stands of many famous companies as Samsonite, Aviko, Aeroflot ect…

2.       Promotion

  • Attracting visitors to the stand starts already before exhibition 

Experienced exhibitors tend to contact prospects and customers before the show. If you can invite people, do it.

Use social media, email, website, postal sending, personal invitation by phone to get the message out. Our team will provide you all support in Russian language and use sparingly your budget by acting on the local market.
  • Printing  material

Translation, design and printing of promotional materials (leaflets, roll ups, literature) in Eastern Europe is not only cheaper but also more efficient and problemless because you do not have to transport them from Belgium.

  • Seminars

Seminar is a great promotional tool: if your seminar takes place outside of the stand, on average 60% of an audience will visit your stand atferwhile for more information.

Visitors flock to the seminars to hear expert opinions on relevant topics, like business opportunities, trends, implementations etc. While European visitors are less and less active in attending the seminars, Russians remain very curious in such free educational events. Especially if the presenter is from Europe.
Our team will translate and provide presentation, adjust it to Russian mentality and language.

3.       People working at the stand

  • Face of the company

Many firms prepare well and set up a great stand, but when the show doors open they think the job is over. But 80% of stand success is depends on the staff, so our motivated, well-informed multilingual personnel on the stand will be the face your brand.

  • Translators

The most Russians don’t speak other languages and the most of stand visitors will wait for you less than 1 minute. So, let us to predict how many interpreters you will need at your stand.

  • Promoters, models, kettering in case if you are going to use special promotional tools.

4.       Partnership 

The most common mistake made by the participants of exhibitions is the lack of work with established contacts. You are more likely to achieve your objectives if you are quickly take contacts after the show. If you are not the first, it will be your competitor.

In short time (better within a week after exhibition) our team will contact new opportunities you have generated. We will create a spreadsheet with all contacts and follow up each visitor, whether that is a postal pack, a phone call or a sales visit.
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