Online promotion and prospecting in Russia

I hear that almost all European companies had a bad experience in cooperation with international sales agents and say like: ‘We had a long meeting and agreed on everything; but I don’t hear from this agent anymore‘, or ‘It feels like our representative isn’t motivated to sell our products‘.

I want to proof myself as a motivated professional in Russian business for European companies; who had such negative experience and are looking for trustful sales person to Russia.

In begin I will crease the video presentation(s) of your factory/office in Russian and translate some commercial information and create commercial offer. Then I will make investments in advertisement, spread information in Russian online sources and make sure that potential customers can easily find information about your product. I also continue traditional prospection job in order to find new customers and projects.

This brings transparency in my working process and you can follow which actions I take for business development in Russia. More of all I offer 4 month of trial period: by the end of this period you can stop co-operation if you are not satisfied with my intentions. You can keep the video and translated materials.

How do I create confidence?
I show how I develop your brand in Russia, invest in promotion and look for potential customers. I proof myself as a professional marketer, strategical thinker and a initiative hunter for your business in Russia.

Steps of my work process:
1. I create video presentation(s) in Russian and translate the necessary marketing materials.
2. I advertise and promote brand in Russia
3. I work with the cold prospects 4. I bring you the hot prospects

What is your advantage?
You receive confidence in my sales motivation, your brand is being promoted in Russia on my expenses. After 4 trial moths you keep video and al translated materials and decide if you want me to represent your company further.

Evidently this process contains my commercial intentions but not logistic, certification and other administrative or bureaucratic procedures (eg. work on product fiches, preparation for labeling).

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